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Arbus wins Medmerry Flood Defence scheme fencing contract

Arbus has won the contract to install new fencing and gates as part of the Medmerry Flood Defence scheme that will improve flood protection between Selsey and Bracklesham.

We’re delighted to land this contract: we’ve been working closely with the main project contractor, the RSPB and the Environment Agency and we’ve already installed electric fencing around the cattle fields covered by the area of the Selsey to Bracklesham scheme.

We will begin the main phase of the contract soon – the  installation of 20,000 metres of stock fencing along the new sea defences, car parks and nature reserves that have been created as part of the scheme. The project also includes the erection of 80 field gates and access control gates.

The Environment Agency has spearheaded the overall scheme, which is due to be completed in the autumn after two years of hard work, and has been developed in conjunction with the RSPB and the local community. It will provide vital flood protection for local properties, services and the local community in general.

The Medmerry Flood Defence scheme will help to safeguard more than 300 homes, the local water treatment works and the main road into Selsey, and will provide new wildlife habitats, in particular for birds, and new footpaths, cycle paths and bridleways.

As you can see, it’s a very important scheme for the local area, parts of which have long been highly susceptible to flooding. Arbus is proud to be involved.

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