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Arbus installs bat bridge to ensure safe fly over

Arbus is installing a bat bridge over a new carriageway in Crowthorne, near Bracknell, that will help safeguard the mammals as they fly over the road.

Bat bridges are becoming increasingly popular in the UK and Europe. They help bats to cross single and dual carriageways following the removal of trees lines or hedgerows. Bats are thought to follow lines of trees and hedgerows and the bridges act as a replacement navigation aid, with the bats able to detect the structures using their sonar.

The expert Arbus installation team has been put to work on a new road in Crowthorne following the removal of a tree line. The bat bridge will help the mammals avoid injury by allowing the bats to cross the road at a sufficient height to avoid traffic. The project is due to be completed soon.

We are being commissioned to install more and more bat bridges, and it’s a product we’ve added to our wide range of specialist fencing and engineering services, which include vehicle restraint systems, security fencing, acoustic fencing and pedestrian guardrails and parapets.

Like the rest of our projects, the design and construction is carried out to the highest standard. For bat bridges, we supply CAD drawings for approval at every stage of the process and installation is carried out expertly and quickly.

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